Pau Vilanova and José Edmilson. / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Pau Vilanova and José Edmilson. / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Former FC Barcelona star José Edmilson has signed an agreement with the club to serve as the new world ambassador for the FCBEscola soccer schools. He was at the club offices on Tuesday in the company of the director of the Social Area, Pau Vilanova, and the director of FCBEscola, Òscar Grau.

"I intend to transfer the values of the club to the children and transmit the message to the parents that the most important thing in football is education,” said Edmilson.

Pau Vilanova added that “Edmilson has a foundation in which he aims to transmit various values which are in line with those of the club and the FCBEscola: to teach and to educate the children and the parents in order to form people who can then develop in a sporting aspect. Edmilson without doubt possesses these values”.

“Edmilson represents some values associated with the club. In his time as a player, he embodied fair play, teamwork, sacrifice and strength. He is someone that knows the club well and is capable of implementing his methodology in the various schools,” Òscar Grau concluded.

The Brazilian will act in the name of FC Barcelona at official events associated with FCBEscola. His main work will involve visiting the different schools and participating in training sessions along with the pupils and coaches.

In his time as a FC Barcelona player (2004-2008), José Edmilson won the Champions League, two Ligas and two Spanish Super Cups.

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