FC Barcelona's futsal U12s in action | VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

This summer will see the opening of the FCBEscola’s first ever futsal campus taking place in Gibraltar from 11 to 15 July. It will also be the first multi-sport FC Barcelona campus, thus expanding the formative sections of the FCBEscola.

The Gibraltar campus will be for children between seven and 17 years of age. Another futsal campus will be created in Beirut, Lebanon from 1 and 5 August.

Basketball FCBEscola coming this September

The FCBEscola will also be introducing a school dedicated to basketball from 19 September in Barcelona, which will have 144 children from six to 12 years of age, and 72 participants from ages four to five.

The sporting advisor of this project will be former FC Barcelona basketball player Nacho Solozabal.

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