Carles Folguera with children from FCBEScola Santo Domingo / FCB

La Masia director Carles Folguera met 300 children and about 150 parents, and the full coaching staff too, from FCBEscola Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to tell them more about the training model observed at the residence for young Barça athletes, reveal some of the inside secrets of the world champion team and explain details about the values that lie within the famous Barça DNA.

In an hour-long talk, Folguera, who a few months ago visited the school in Lima (Peru) and was in Guayaquil (Ecuador) last week, explained that “the learning process is important. It is very difficult to reach the top. When you connect with the children you realise how hard it can be, and they also need a Plan B, so their academic education is also important.”

Effort, team-work, respect, humility and ambition all form part of the everyday life at Barça, and those are the values that FCBEscola Santo Domingo also teaches. “Barça’s style is unique in the world” says Folguera. “The ball is always the reference. Our style is associated to technical excellence, plasticity and spectacle. But to get better, you need to enjoy the game. And that’s what we do. That’s the key reason why Barça is such a unique club.”

Exhibition match

The boys and girls at FCBEscola Santo Domingo welcomed Folguera with a speech in Catalan to thank him for coming. Afterwards, he attended a friendly game between the U16 team from the school and the U17 team from Pantoja, who won the national title the year before. The FCBEscola team won 2-1 and Folguera got to take the honorary kick-off.

The anecdote of the day came in the question and answer session, when one of the youngsters asked Folguera why he couldn’t simply take him directly now to live at La Masia!

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