Group photo of the children at the FCBEscola in Istanbul / FCB

FCBEscola director Òscar Grau continues to get acquainted first hand with the club's projects around the world, learning of the current situation that surrounds each one as well as looking into the possiblity of future programmes further down the line.

This was a commitment that was made with the partners and each of the directors of the FCBEscola when Òscar Grau came to office in September 2015. Now, accompanied by his team, this commitment is being carried out.

Last week, along with the director of projects in Europe and Africa Iñaki Andreu, he visited FCBEscola in Istanbul, which has been functioning since October 2014.

Òscar Grau was able to check out how, since the project started in Turkey, it has not stopped growing, gaining acclaim of the local society and the Turkish media, and also the families of the children who are able to enjoy the facilities and training which is transmitting the ‘Barca DNA’ and the club’s philosophy.

The director of the FCBEscola was able to see how the two branches of FCB Escola in Istanbul (Maltepe and Maslak) were working, and saw the coaches working with the youngsters.

“The level of the youngsters is very good,” said Òscar Grau, who received, with satisfaction, the praise of many parents: “They wanted to give praise for the good job that we are doing both in a sporting aspect and personal aspect, as well as the education in values.”

Possibility to grow

Both Òscar Grau and Iñaki Andreu have taken advantage of the trip to Istanbul to analyze and weigh up other possibilities to grow and expand in the country now that Barca is making strides in Turkey with the addition of Arda Turan in the squad.

This visit to the FCBEscola in Istanbul is one of many that Òscar Grau has made such as Fukuoka and Katsushika (Japan), Quingdao (China), Casablanca (Morrocco), New Delhi (India), Singapore, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

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