Richerly de los Santos and Johan Guzman with their team mates | FCBESCOLA SANTO DOMINGO

Johan Guzman in green | FCBESCOLA SANTO DOMINGO

Ronaldo Vásquez in blue | FCBESCOLA SANTO DOMINGO

Good work bears good fruit. And FCBEscola Santo Domingo is a fine example of that, where pupils in the Dominican Republic are taught to play football in the truest of Barça styles.

Two players from FCBEscola, Richerly de los Santos and Ronaldo Vásquez, are now regulars in the national U20 team, while another graduate, Johan Guzman, plays for the full international team after signing for Club Atlético Pantoja in the country’s first division.

"This is the best example of how well we are doing things and how our Barça methodology is showing the way forward in the Dominican Republic" says Marc Cebrián, local project director at FCBEscola Santo Domingo.

Three young talents

Goalkeeper Johan Guzman, born in 1997, has already made a name for himself in the Dominican Republic. He plays for Club Atlético Pantoja, currently second in the country’s top flight, and is considered his country’s most promising young keeper. But Guzman has not forgotten his origins and still gets involved in activities at FCBEscola Santo Domingo.

Ronaldo Vásquez, born in 1999, joined FCBEscola in 2013 from La Meca football academy. A number of professional clubs in the country already have their eye on him, but he has preferred to stay for one more year at the school and complete his training. The right-footer usually plays on the wing but can also play in any attacking position.

Richerly de los Santos has been at FCBEscola since it opened and born in 1997, he’s the youngest of the three. He’s a right winger and is noted for his exceptional skills. Next season he’s hoping to move to Spain and is therefore leaving the school.

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