The FCBEscola Delhi and the PSG Delhi academy teams met ahead of Tuesday's UEFA Champions last 16 match between their clubs' senior teams. | FCBEscola Delhi

Five Delhi-based teams from the football schools of European giants Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona squared off in the Indian capital ahead of Tuesday’s match featuring each club’s senior teams in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League last 16.

The fixtures were born of an initiative proposed by the directors of both schools upon learning their first teams had been drawn against each other in the first knockout round of Europe’s top club competition.

In India, the friendlies were played on the natural grass fields of the FCBEscola Delhi, located in Gurgaon.

A series of 20-minute matches were played between three of each school's U-12 sides and two U-10 sides.

The FCBEScola teams carried the day, winning all five games. 

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