FCBEscola Bombay presentation event | FCBESCOLA

Wednesday saw the presentation of the new FCBEscola Bombay, which will officialy open its doors in mid-September. Over 1,000 children will participate in the second Barça school opened in India, following the inauguration of the New Delhi school four years ago.

FCBEscola Bombay will have two facilities situated in the Don Bosco High School, in Matunga and in St. Dominic Savio High School, in Andheri. The two centres will be under the supervision of the director of the FCBEscola Bombay, Albert Moratalla, who is in charge of selecting, educating and guiding the local coaches, instilling the methodology and values of FC Barcelona.

Enthusiasm, spirit and love for football

“India’s passion for football has een surprising and inspiring, and the FCBEscola has found immense potential of the young footballers during the football camp that took place in this country,” said Toni Claveria, director of projects for Asia and Oceania.

“The enthusiasm and sporting spirit, as well as the love for football of the Bombay youngsters has encouraged us to come here, said Claveria during the presentation event.

Anupama Jain, director of Conscient Football, a partner of the FCBEscola in India, highlighted the educational benefits of the school: “This is not just about learning to play football better, but also about learning the values of Barça and to learn from them a completely new way of life”.

“The FCBEscola offers the opportunity to live the Barça live right here in India through the training programmes which have produced some of the best players in the sport,” Jain concluded.

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