Over 40,000 boys and girls around the world already take part in the FCBEscola project's activities. | Santi Garcés / FCB

The end of the week sees various try-outs taking place for new FCBEscola players in academies around the world. In total, six of FC Barcelona’s football schools spread out across all five continents will conduct try-outs to find new players.

The FCBEscola Istanbul Beko will start the weekend with 150 boys and girls born between 2004 and 2013 giving it their best shot at their Maslak and Maltepe centres. In Europe, the FCBEscola Warsaw will host try-outs this Saturday for the following season once the coaches chosen in April finish their training period.

In America, the FCBEscola Charlotte will also be organising try-outs this weekend and will then be completemented by two weeks of FCBCamps in Charlotte and one more in Raleigh. This will give the youngsters interested in football the chance to demonstrate their potential to be a part of the school in the next season. At the North Carolina school, the trials for new coaching staff took place last weekend and there are still some openings.

The two FCBEscolas announced in the last few weeks in Chicago and San Diego are both also right in the middle of selecting their teams. In San Diego, the trials will take place on Sunday 11 while the ID sessions in Chicago took place last weekend, even though there is still room for new players.

This weekend, try-outs will be happening in the Australian city of Brisbane, whose FCBEscola will open its doors at the start of the summer; while in Mumbai, try-outs will also be taking place at the Andheri centre this Sunday.

On top of these six FCBEscolas there is also the possibility of trying out for the schools in Singapore, Ottawa (Canada), Toronto (Canada), and Florida (United States).

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