The players of both FCBEscolas enjoyed the first day of friendlies

Two US FCBEscolas, Northern Virginia and Charlotte, have begun a series of friendly encounters designed to unite the players of both teams and nurture personal ties between them. In the first edition of the Friendly Series, the North Carolina school traveled to Leesburg, Virginia.

Juan Carlos Garcia, FCBEscola Northern Virginia's Local Project Director (DPL), acknowledged that "it has been a great opportunity for our school to be able to compete against another one that has already been training for a year. Both our athletes and their parents can give credibility to everything we promote from FCBEscola."

For his part, Pau Casassa, the DPL from FCBEscola Charlotte, called the initiative "a real success,” recognising that "the meetings between the schools have allowed us to demonstrate that FCBEscola is a great project in which we all take the main objective - to train young athletes and people - very seriously.”

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