FCBEscola Canada

More than 500 players from the five Canadian FCBEscoles took part in the second edition of the FCBEscola Canada Tournament which took place at the Toronto school. In the four days of competition, more than 207 top quality matches took place.

The winners in the various categories came from all over the country with three wins for the FCBEscola Toronto, two for FCBEscola Montreal, one for FCBEscola Edmonton as well as victory for the FCBCamp Canada.

The Director of the local project in Toronto, Xavi Baladas, said that “it has been a marvelous experience for the schools in Canada and it has allowed us to meet at our headquarters for a tournament with the values and image of the Club, thousands of kilometers from Barcelona. The truth is that it has made us immensely happy and it has helped keep the project in Canada growing.”


Winners by category:

U8: FCBEscola Toronto

U10: FCBEscola Montreal

U10: FCBCamp Canada

U12: FCBEscola Toronto

U12: FCBEscola Edmonton

U14: FCBEscola Montreal

U16: FCBEscola Toronto

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